How it works

The best things are always simple

And because our goal is to help you enjoy your life and make it simpler, we also did our site as simple and straightforward as possible - here you can see our two typical users:


Don't want to just waste your time - you want to enjoy your life and try new things? This is the right place for your!

1. Find event
Browse our events and find the best one for you

2. Get ticket
Join to the selected event and get your ticket

3. Support event
By joining you're supporting the event and helping it to happen

4. Enjoy!
That's all, now just het ready and enjoy the event


Do you have an interesting idea and want to share it with others - or you just want to organize something for your friends? We'll help you to make it happen!

1. Create event
It's up to you, just create the event you want

2. Publish it
Insert all necessary information and make it public

3. Engage people
Invite yout friends and share it with others

4. Collect money
Collect money and everything you need from attendees

5. Make it happend
That's it, just realize your event and enjoy

Join us now and make
your events real!